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I. General provisions

1.            An entrepreneur, who runs a wholesale at, hereinafter referred to as "Online Wholesale " is SEVEN POLSKA S.C. R.Goldmann, K. Sarnat-Hofman, ul. Karpia 21A, 61-619 Poznań, NIP 972-110-21-84, Regon 634650537.

2.            Contact with the Online Wholesale is possible via e-mail: or telephone number: +48 61 822 04 52 or mobile +48 512 149 512.

3.            The Regulations define the rights and obligations of the Customers, as well as the rights and obligations of the Seller as the managing and operating party of the Online Wholesale.

4.            The Polish version of the Regulations is available at

5.            The owner of the Online Wholesale is obliged to process the Customers’ personal data for the sole purpose of a reliable performance of the distance sales contract. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Regulations and is available after placing an order.


II. Definitions

Terms used in the Regulations mean, respectively:

1.            Wholesale - a company operating at, selling products via distance.

2.            Owner - SEVEN POLSKA S.C. R.Goldmann, K. Sarnat-Hofman, ul. Karpia 21A, 61-619 Poznań, NIP 972-110-21-84, Regon 634650537

3.            Customer - each entity, who makes a purchase in the Wholesale in accordance with the Regulations, exclusively an Entrepreneur.

4.            Buyer - a user, who makes a purchase on the Customer's website, operated by the Owner in the scope of delivery within the Dropshipping model.

5.            User - each entity, who uses the Internet and enter the Wholesale website.

6.            Customer account - a field with transaction data and an instrument to execute Customer’s orders.

7.            Newsletter - a service provided by the Online Wholesale to Users, who agreed to receive a Newsletter. Such service consists in sending to Users all information about the Online Warehouse actions, if they give they e-mail address, name and surname voluntarily.

8.            Entrepreneur - a natural person, a legal person or an entity without the legal personality that performs a legal action on its own behalf, as part of a business or professional activity.

9.            Working days - days from Monday to Friday, except for the statutory holidays.

10.         Regulations - this document that defines the terms and conditions of using the Online Wholesale and purchasing products.

11.         Registration – data provided by the Customer voluntarily in a form available on the Online Wholesale website.

12.         Dropshipping - a service for the Entrepreneurs, which consists of sending goods to the Buyers through the Owner's services


III. Technical conditions to use the Wholesale website

1.            In order to use the Online Wholesale, the Customer shall have:

•             device transferring ICT data;

•             access to the Internet;

•             email address.

2.            The Wholesale collects information in cookies files, which are text files. These files do not store any personal data, are used in an anonymous way in order to assess the real interest in the Wholesale website. Cookies are used to exchange information between the Wholesale and the User to adjust the offer to the expectations and preferences of each User. The Customer decides, if he/she would like to use the cookies. Commonly, the web browsers are set to install the cookies files on the client's end device by default. However, the User can change the settings any time.

3.            The Warehouse informs hereby that the disabled cookies may affect the functionalities available on the Wholesale website.

4.            Detailed information on cookies files are included in the Cookies Policy, available at, which is an integral part of the Regulations.


IV. Registration and login

1.            In order to create a "Customer Account", the Customer has to fill the form and give an email address and password.

2.            The login password may consist of letters, numbers and / or special characters. The password is individual for each User. The password can be changed on the website by entering the e-mail address and a new password.

3.            "Customer Account" is created for free.

4.            The User do not have to register to place an order in the Online Warehouse. Order conditions without regulations are described in point 5, para. 9 of the Regulations.

5.            The Customer is obliged to provide the real data.

6.            By accepting the Regulations, the Customer makes a following statement:

•             I use the Online Warehouse services voluntarily;

•             the data in the form is true.

7.            The Customer shall not give the login password to third parties.

8.            A registered Customer:

•             has an access to the status and order history;

•             receives the individual discounts and promotional coupons;

•             receives the information about participation in promotions and contests, a loyalty program;

•             can use the Dropshipping service;

•             can order products;

•             can changing the personal data;

•             can change login password;

•             can check orders;

•             can delete Customer account.

9.            After registration, the Customer will receive an email confirmation.

10.         After activation the User can log in to the account.

11.         The Customer shall not copy, modify or distribute content, logotype images without the prior consent of the authorized person.


V. Orders realization

1.            The Wholesale is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling the Customer to place an order at any time, except for maintenance breaks.

2.            The Wholesale confirms receipt of an order with an automatically generated e-mail that is sent to the Customer. The message contains the proposed content of the sales contract, in particular: the number and date of the order, the details of the purchased goods, the price and payment method, data of the contractual parties, place, method and cost of delivery.

3.            If the proposed content of the sales contract is not complied with the submitted order, the Customer shall notify the Online Warehouse with an email immediately. The email shall contain all discrepancies. The Online Wholesale shall send to the Customer the corrected content of the proposed contract.

4.            The Wholesale confirms the order in a second e-mail with information about the order status.

5.            To the product is attached a manufacturer's and importer's warranty - if the manufacturer, importer or distributor gives a warranty in form of a written warranty card.

6.            In case of natural persons, the Customers are adults with full capacity for legal actions.

7.            The Customer places an order in the following way:

•             selects goods by adding them to the basket;

•             provides the registration data;

•             chooses the form of delivery and payment;

•             receives an order confirmation via email;

•             an order placed in an electronic form will be confirmed within 2 (two) working days (excluding holidays and statutory holidays) from the order receipt. The confirmation shall be sent by email or phone.

8.            The registered Customers can track the contract status

9.            The order confirmation includes:

•             Online Wholesale data, including the address, e-mail address and telephone number;

•             product description;

•             unit and total price of all products;

•             order price = total product price + contract performance costs

(including payments and deliveries);

•             delivery form - including the delivery and any restrictions on the delivery, e.g. weight or location;

•             payment method;

10.         The Online Wholesale allows the personal collection at the Owner's office.


VI. Dropshipping.

1.            An entrepreneur may use the Dropshopping service by:

•             providing the data in the registration form;

•             placing an order for specific products;

•             providing the delivery to the Buyer.

2.            The entrepreneur declares hereby that he has received the consent from the Buyer to provide data in order to send the product via in the Dropshipping model.

3.            The Owner of declares that he will deliver the goods in accordance with the order content, which he shall receive from the Entrepreneur.

4.            The entrepreneur is responsible for providing correct delivery data and for placing an order for his client.

5.            Any returns and complaints shall be considered by the owner of in accordance the terms set out in these Regulations.

6.            The Wholesale is obliged to deliver the goods ordered by the Customer to the Buyer within a maximum of 14 days.


a)            obtain a transparent, prior and voluntary consent from the Buyer to entrust personal data by Seven Polska s.c.

b)           inform the Buyer about the name and place of the Seller business activity;

c)            inform the Buyer about the place and manner of complaints and right to withdraw from the sale contract;

d)           inform the Buyer about the goods price and shipping costs;

e)            construct the online offer as brokering services and not the goods offer. In particular, the Regulations shall first contain a description of the services, and later a description of the goods.

8.            The Customer bears the sole responsibility to the Buyer in the case of:

•             failure to comply with information obligations related to Dropshipping;

•             failure to provide information about the order to the Wholesale;

•             failure or improper performance of the obligations towards the Buyer;

•             actions without the Buyer's consent to process the personal data and failure to provide information on entrusting personal data;

•             failure to comply with obligations under the Consumer Rights Act.


VII. Payment method

1.            The Customer can pay for the submitted order with:

•             Bank transfer

•             Prepayment

•             Cash on delivery;


VIII. Prices

1.            The prices on the Wholesale website are given in Polish zlotys and are net prices. The product price before adding "to the basket" does not include shipping costs and other additional fees. The shipping and payment costs are added to the sum of ordered products. Before placing an order, the Customer is informed about the additional costs, e.g. connected with the shipping costs, when the logistic minimum is not reached.

2.            The final price of the order, that is binding for the Customer and the Online Wholesale, is the product price given on the Online Wholesale website before placing an order by the Customer, including all costs related to the contract performance.

3.            The information on the order total value (including delivery costs, payment) is available before choosing the "send order" option and is confirmed in the email, which is sent to the email address provided by the Customer.


IX. Supply

1.            The Customer selects the type of delivery available on the Online Wholesale website, these include:

•             Courier;

•             Poczta Polska.

2.            The Customer can collect the goods personally.

3.            The delivery shall be sent within 1 to 3 working days from the time of order confirmation unless the delivery date has been determined on an individual basis.

4.            The deliveries take place on working days, from Monday to Friday. There are no deliveries on weekends and holidays.

5.            The courier shipments are insured.

6.            The Customer has to check the delivered goods and in the event of any damage, write a report in the presence of the supplier. Writing a protocol is not a condition to submit a complaint or exercise the right to withdraw from the contract.

7.            The goods are delivered in Poland.


X. Other

1.            The regulations are available at:

2.            The Customer is entitled to read, download the regulations on his/her device and make printouts.

3.            If the Customer is an entrepreneur, all disputes arising in connection with the Regulations or sales contracts shall be settled amicably by the Parties through negotiation or mediation, and in the event of the parties' failure to agree - by the General Court having jurisdiction over an Owner's office.