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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and personal data protection.

This document is an integral part of the regulations.

1. The personal data administrator is SEVEN POLSKA S.C. R.Goldmann, K. Sarnat-Hofman, ul. Karpia 21A, 61-619 Poznań, NIP 972-110-21-84, Regon 634650537, hereinafter referred to as "Wholesale".

2. The Wholesale uses technical and organizational measures to protect Users' privacy.

3. The Wholesale provides protection of the processed personal data, which is adjusted to danger level and data categories. In particular, the Wholesale protects the data against the unauthorized access, theft, unauthorized processing, damage or destruction.

4. The Wholesale ensures control over the processed data and persons, who the data may be transferred, as well as keep the records of persons authorized to process data.

5. The Wholesale offers an indirectly sell, so called Dropshipping. In order to perform an order with the Dropshipping system, the Customer (an entrepreneur running an e-store) is obliged on his website to:

a) inform the buyer that the product will be delivered by Seven Polska S.C.

b) obtain an explicit, voluntary consent from the buyer to provide Seven Polska S.C. the buyer’s personal data in order to deliver goods ordered via the Customer's store.

6. The User, by registering on the Wholesaler's website or placing an order, gives a separate, explicit consent to process the personal data. In other cases, the personal data shall be processed by the Wholesale, only if it is required by rights or contractual obligations, as well as by legitimate purposes realized by the Wholesale.

7. The Wholesale runs a set of personal data called "Personal Data Collection processed by the Wholesale", which was submitted to the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection. The set contains data, like name, surname, address, contact details (telephone, e-mail), IP address, NIP. This information is provided or made available by the User during the registration process.

8. The administrator adjusts his activities within the personal data processing to the new regulations, valid from 25th May 2018.

9. The data provided by the User is used for the following purposes:

a) proper performance of contractual obligations by the Wholesale (execution of orders),

b) delivery of goods ordered by the buyer via the Customer (Dropshipping model)

c) proper performance of other necessary, contractual activities (accounting, Customer services)

d) fulfillment of legitimate purposes, i.e. investigation the claims for business activity.

10. The Administrator is entitled to disclose the personal data only to entities, who are authorized in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and regulations.

11. The personal data and information shall be used by the Administrator to enter into, change or terminate the contracts with the client and to ensure the highest quality of provided services. For this purpose, the Administrator processes the following data: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, tax identification number.

12. Providing the personal data is voluntary. The Customer has the right to modify, remove the processing restrictions or withdraw the data processing and transfer.

13. The data shall be processed for the purposes of concluding a contract, complaints, settlements, termination of the contract. The archived data shall be stored for maximum 5 years, starting from the end of the calendar year, in which the service was sold. In the remaining scope, which results from the data processing purposes, the data shall be stored for as long as there exists a legal basis for their processing, unless the applicable law would require a longer storage period. At the end of the storage period, the personal data shall be deleted or anonymized

14. At the User's request, the Wholesale provides information about the User’ rights. This information may be provided in writing.

15. The personal data may be made available to third parties only with the User’s consent, if it results from the nature of the service, and the purpose is the proper implementation of the Wholesale’s tasks.

16. The electronic communication between the User's equipment and the Wholesale during the personal data collection is encrypted (SSL). The databases are protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

17. The User is entitled to make a complaint to the supervisory body of the Personal Data Protection Office UODO (until 25th May 2018, GIODO), ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw.